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Are you currently frustrated with your world?


Have you had negative experiences that have

caused overwhelming and unhealthy stress?

Life can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting, but I’m here to support you through any obstacles you may face.


My goal is to help you understand yourself more deeply, build resiliency, self advocate and better cope with the your world.


In our sessions I can offer support and guidance to help you improve your personal situation. 


I provide a supportive, comfortable and confidential environment to help you heal. 




I have always  had a passion for helping people improve their lives and make their journey more enjoyable. On my personal journey I have faced trials and tribulations. I have learned to appreciate the people in my life that have helped me become a better person and those that have shown me the person I do not want to become. 


Along my journey I have been able to experience a variety of different career paths but always lead me back to being a Mental Health Therapist. In 2012 I married my long time love and bestfriend. We have a wonderful young man that we have had the privilege to share our lives with.  Our family also includes our two large fur kids that keep our laps and hearts warm.  


I graduated in  2015 from Bellevue University with a Masters of Science in Clinical Counseling, I have worked in the field  since then. I am currently licensed  in the state of Iowa as a LMHC and in the state of Nebraska as a LMHP. I am able to take Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Optum and United Health Care. I do not accept Medicare/Medicaid. Please check and verify coverage, co-pays & benefits/TIERS. If you need help, I can offer support.

I use a  interactive and direct style of communication as well as humor with my clients.  I may not always be the best fit for everyone but I am more than happy to refer them in a direction that is more suitable for their personal goals. 


During our journey the path can get rough and foggy. Mental Health Therapists are there to help their clients not to walk alone and act as a unbiased support system.  Life can get difficult, and sometimes some help from a professional Mental Health Therapist can provide insight and improve decision making skills. I care about your well-being and can provide you the tools you need in order to find your path.

This can help you learn how to tackle your person stressors and create a better balanced life. 


"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change."

~Albert Einstein


Contact Info

Phone 402-401-4132  


Click below on Psychology Today Link



For the confidentiality of our clients. Sessions are appointment only.  

Amanda Tatro LLC does not offer after hours emergency services.

Emergency situations can be handled in three ways:

  1. Dial 911

  2. Call the Boys Town Crisis Line at 800-448-3000

  3. Have a family member or friend drive you to the nearest Emergency Room so that you can have the situation and needs evaluated.

Please feel free to leave us a non-urgent message by calling our main number,

listed above.

We will return your call as soon as possible, please allow up to 24 hours.